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Productivity: Is Office Jargon Stopping Your Employees from Getting the Job Done?

Have you ever heard a coworker say something like, “It ladders up to our overarching framework and optimizes the impactfulness of our deliverables,” and wondered, “HUH?” You’re not alone. In a survey of America’s office workers by American Express OPEN, 88% admit to pretending to understand office jargon, even when they really have no idea […]


How to Get Employees to Goof Off Less at Work

Have you ever been frustrated to see how much time employees spend doing things that are not work related while on the clock? Or, perhaps the organization has a renewed focus on productivity, and you’ve been enlisted to help with brainstorming process or policy changes that could help? An area of concern for employers analyzing […]


Are ‘Open’ Offices on Their Way Out?

It’s no secret that for years, “open” office spaces dominated current workspace trends. Companies of all sizes had shunned the so-called “cube farm” cubicle culture and flocked instead to the space-saving, minimalist floor plans to boost employee collaboration, engagement, and productivity.

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4 Tips for Incorporating a Financial Wellness Program in Your Company

Benefits specialists identify providing financial wellness training and tools as a key workplace trend for 2017.  “Financial wellness is hot. In the past year, the number of employers recognizing the impact financial stress has on employee productivity reached critical mass. As a result, we are seeing a big jump in the number of companies saying […]


5 Reasons Why Strong Goals Can Make a Difference for Your Company

As Human Resources (HR) professionals, one of the biggest challenges we face is getting our workforce better organized and aligned.  Many fall into a trap of what we call “operational haze” by working hard at it every day and just making money. Sometimes the profits mask numerous operational issues that if corrected would yield significantly […]


Automation is Increasing Productivity, Not Job Losses

Business process automation is enabling companies to realize significant productivity gains in such areas as finance, accounting, and HR, but it is not yet leading to broad job losses, according to a new study from Information Services Group (ISG), a technology research and advisory firm.

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The Remote Work Debate: C-Suite Executives vs. Employees

IBM recently announced a new company-wide policy that employees are no longer allowed to work remotely. The policy states that IBM’s U.S.-based employees will eventually have to begin working from one of six main offices located in New York, San Francisco, Austin, Cambridge, Atlanta, or Raleigh. Employees who do not live close to one of […]


10 Mistakes Employers Make Concerning Workplace Harassment

Over the past 20 years I have helped employers, unions, and workers to prevent, detect, and eliminate workplace bullying and harassment.   Over that course of time, I have come across a number of critical mistakes that employers should avoid.