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Are You Using Mobile Keywords Correctly?

In a world where many businesses are competing for the same talent, companies that want to get ahead need to start investing in technologies and strategies that improve their recruiting efforts. One of the most effective ways to enhance recruitment is the use of mobile keywords. In fact, mobile keywords and mass texting will revolutionize […]


Let’s Talk About Pay (Or Not): Pros and Cons of Open Salary Policies

Transparency is a corporate value to strive for, but not all companies are ready to be completely transparent about pay. While some employers feel the benefits of open salary policies outweigh the risks, others are understandably concerned about the potential challenges they can create.


Over-Automated Recruitment Process May Be Turning Off Potential Talent

New research findings—released by Randstad US–offers a look at job seekers’ perceptions, attitudes, and expectations of the job search process. According to the findings, while most candidates find value in technology, they are frustrated when it supersedes the human aspect of the process. In fact, 82% of respondents agree they are often frustrated with an […]


Beyond the Résumé: Finding Talent Everywhere

For HR and hiring managers, finding new employees rarely goes beyond the traditional résumé and interview process. However, sometimes the best candidate for the job doesn’t know the opportunity exists.


EEOC Issues Enforcement Guidance On National Origin Discrimination

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC’s) recently released enforcement guidance on national origin discrimination covers issues related to employment decisions, harassment, and language issues. It also provides a list of “promising practices” employers can use to minimize the risk of national origin discrimination claims.


Salary Still Important

More than half of workers say salary is still the top factor they think about when job hunting but other benefits are becoming increasingly important too, according to new research from global recruitment specialist Randstad.


Structuring Your Company Sabbatical Program

Yesterday, we introduced the topic of sabbaticals for employees, which are no longer perks reserved for college professors in tweed jackets. Many companies are finding that a sabbatical is a great benefit for current workers and highly influential for employee recruitment. How do you put together a sabbatical program that’s fair and well-received? Here are […]