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Defined benefit retirement plan

Will Robo-Advisers Invade Your Defined Contribution Plan?

The term “robo-adviser” is used to describe a wide range of digital advice and technology solutions. But while robos have been touted as the wave of the future, there’s no denying that retirement investors still see value in the expert advice of human advisers. There may be potential benefits for defined contribution (DC) plans to […]


Are There Any More Jobs Left … for Humans?

Automation is becoming a major trend in the HR world, with some researchers claiming HR will be fully automated in 5 years, and others claiming a majority of HR professionals will be automating tasks as early as 2019. If these estimates are correct, will the human in Human Resources be out of a job in […]


In California, You Can’t Fight Fire with Firings: Preventing Domestic Violence at Work

On April 10, 2017, a 53-year-old man walked into a special needs classroom in San Bernadino, California, pulled out a gun, and shot his estranged wife, 53-year-old Karen Elaine Smith. Two children standing near Smith were also hit by gunfire; 8-year-old Jonathan Martinez died later at the hospital. The gunman then turned his gun on […]


Amazon’s Rise of the Machines—Could This Be the Beginning of the End of the Human Workforce?

HRSBT has previously reported on multiple companies going high tech and replacing workers with robots. Some of these stories don’t end well for the robots, mostly the restaurants in China that ended up reverting back to human waitstaff after learning that there are some jobs even robots aren’t cut out for. However, one retail giant […]


Employees Behaving Badly?

No, that’s not the title of a new reality TV show, that’s the subject of a new survey recently released by management software company Better Buys! The survey was made up of responses from 2,000 people across the United States who worked in various industries. The survey’s goal was to see which bad employee behaviors […]


OSHA Warns Retailers About Crowd Control

Several years ago a big box employee was trampled to death when a mob of shoppers flooded through the doors of a store holding a Black Friday sales event. The DOL’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued guidelines in mid-November urging retailers to put policies in place to prevent other tragedies during the upcoming holiday […]