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Live long and diversify your workforce

The death of Leonard Nimoy this week brought back many memories of the actor’s classic portrayal of Mr. Spock in the original “Star Trek” television series and subsequent movies, as well as his talents as a photographer, writer, and lecturer. Spock, as personified by Nimoy, embodied many qualities that employers value in their workforce, such […]

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What’s the Oddest Thing You’ve Seen in a Résumé?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in a résumé? Did it work? If you said “no,” see if your experience topped these HR pros’ hiring tales. CareerBuilder asked survey respondents to share the most memorable and unusual applications they have come across. Here are a few of the oddest: If at first you don’t succeed […]


Risk Is Your Business

It’s March. Chances are there’s an NCAA men’s basketball tournament pool being conducted in your office right now. If you’re in it, good luck! There are a number of them here in our office. (You want to see my picks click here.) It’s estimated that $2.5 billion changes hands over this single event. That’s quite […]