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Millennials Support Automatic Retirement Plans, Seek Sponsor Help

The youngest employees and defined contribution (DC) plan participants often want more automated features to their plans, and most assign their plan sponsors some responsibility for helping them choose the right investments to fund their retirement while it’s still decades away.

Strategic HR

From Stone Age to Space Age: Where Are We on the Path to Mature HCM?

Technology advances as it matures. Before Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms, there were hundreds of start-ups solving supply chain problems. Before comprehensive financial software, there were accounts payable, receivable, and bookkeeping packages. Eventually they merged into the platforms we know today.


How to Deal with a Toxic Job

A toxic job. It’s one where people are assigned more work than they can accomplish, micro-managed about how to get the work done, and surrounded by people who don’t have their back. Also known as the “toxic triad,” this combination of high demand, low control, and low social support leads to increased likelihood of depression, burnout, stress, sleep disturbances, and absenteeism.


New Study Delivers 42 Years of Evidence That Leadership Development Pays Off

Criticism of leadership development programs often stems from the lack of hard data measuring how the programs affected leaders’ behavior and the company’s bottom line business metrics. In fact, less than 8% of CEOs ever see the business impact of their leadership development programs or the return on investment (ROI), according to a recent LinkedIn […]


Remote Workers Who Rely on Technology Seek a Human Connection, Says Survey

Polycom—a content collaboration solutions provider—and Future Workplace—an HR executive network and research firm—has released results of a new global study of 25,234 workers entitled, “The Human Face of Remote Working”. The study uncovered how collaborative technologies have made employees more empathetic and build better coworker relationships, despite the remote working stigma of laziness and isolation.


The Future Worker Redefined—From Employee to ‘Contributor’

The word “contributor,” not “employee,” will be a better representation of a worker in 2025, according to 47% of companies and 57% of workers.  The findings come from a study from Randstad US, an HR services and staffing company in the United States.


CMS Releases 2016-2025 Projections of National Health Expenditures Data

National health expenditure growth is expected to average 5.6% annually over 2016-2025, according to a report compiled by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) Office of the Actuary (OACT). These projections are constructed using a current-law framework and do not assume potential legislative changes over the projection period.


Using Company Culture to Shift the Employee Mindset from Job to Career

Numerous articles explain how company culture changes the way employees operate, and have been largely based on speculation and personal opinion—until now. In December 2016, a study conducted by IZA World of Labor showed that happy and motivated workers are more productive in the workplace. In addition, Surrey Business School released a study that claimed people’s energy towards their colleagues has a major influence on how likely they are to leave their job voluntarily.