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Successfully Integrating Digital Mindfulness Training

What can employers do to help ensure the success of digital mindfulness training? It’s no secret that employees can get easily distracted by technology, but a new survey by ComPsych® Corporation, a provider of employee assistance programs, illustrates how pervasive the problem is. In fact, 88% of employees acknowledge that they browse social media outlets […]

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Buddy Punching Costs Employers $373 Million Annually, Tips to Combat This Trend

New research published in 2017 suggests that a simple payroll loophole could cost U.S. employers more than $373 million every year. The loophole is well-known and widespread. It’s called buddy punching. Recently, TSheets—a cloud-based time tracking app—released new insights into buddy punching, and ways employers can curtail this trend.

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This Job Is a Joke!

Can you take a joke? Then chances are you’ll go far at your company! A new survey, released by Accountemps®, reveals that having a sense of humor is an important characteristic to have for fitting into most companies’ culture.


Should You Implement a Political Expression Policy in Your Workplace?

HR professionals are charged with keeping employees comfortable, productive, and engaged. As national politics increasingly distract employees from their work, some managers turn to policies or guidelines regarding political expression in the workplace to mitigate these issues.


Pet-Related Benefits Are Increasing in Popularity Among U.S. Workplaces

It’s no mystery Americans love their furry friends and increasingly consider them family members. Banfield Pet Hospital set out to better understand the prevalence, impact, and perceptions of pet-friendly workplaces and other pet-related policies in its second annual PAWrometer™ survey.

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3 Benefits of Offering Sit-Stand Workstations for Your Employees

As an organization that aims to improve employee health and well-being, Ergotron, Inc. actively engages in research to recognize the impacts of sedentary computer work and educate others on creating workplace cultures of health and movement. Supporting this corporate mission, the company has released findings from its Workplace Movement Assessment, an internal survey of more […]


Employee Benefits Key to Job Satisfaction, Survey Finds

Although American workers are split in their satisfaction levels with employer-provided benefits, companies offering benefits still have a competitive advantage over those that do not, the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) found in a recent survey. Satisfaction with an employer’s benefit offerings is crucial to employees’ overall job satisfaction and morale.