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Holiday party

‘Tis the Season: Survey Reveals Cities with the Best and Worst Office Holiday Parties

When it comes to office holiday celebrations, not all parties are created equal. In a recent survey by staffing firm OfficeTeam, workers from 27 major U.S. cities were asked to describe their company holiday parties and rate them on several factors. While 36% of overall respondents describe these celebrations as fun, the results show that […]


Company Leaders Optimistic About AI, Cognitive Technologies

A new survey conducted among 250 U.S. executives representing companies that are adopting artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive technologies do not see job loss as a key outcome of their efforts.  Nearly 7 in 10 (69%) expect very little (if any) job loss within the next 3 years, while 29% of these ‘cognitive aware’ executives […]


Employees Who Travel for Work Reveal Challenges, Motivators

A new survey has found that 62% of American workers have traveled to another state for work in the past 12 months, with 38% having spent 30 days or more in another state for work-related travel during the same time frame.  The TSheets survey sought to find out what motivates these mobile workers, as well […]


Employees Hesitant to Address Mental Health Issues at Work

While over 8 out of 10 employees (81.9%) would feel comfortable asking their supervisor for time off for a physical medical issue, just 16.9% would feel comfortable requesting time off for a mental health issue.  That’s among the significant findings of a recent survey by TAO Connect, which explore the current state of mental health […]


How Much Do Student Loan Benefits Mean to Young Employees?

A new survey conducted among recent college graduates currently working full-time sought to gauge employee attitudes towards student loan benefits programs.  The findings provide insights into just how valuable these benefits are by those respondents whose employers offer repayment programs—and how attractive they are to respondents from companies who don’t.


What Makes High-Performing Employees Stay in a Job?

A new survey report has found that top factor that makes high-performing employees more likely to stay in their jobs are good relationships with colleagues.  The Ceridian survey, the 2017 Pulse of Talent Report, took a look at why high-performing employees remain in their jobs.


2017 Health Insurance Premium Increases Higher Than Average

A new survey conducted among over 20,000 health plans and over 11,000 employers of all sizes-representing over 2.5 million employees—reports that premium renewal rates for employer sponsored health insurance rose an average of 6.6% in 2017. According to the 2017 United Benefit Advisors (UBA) Health Plan Survey, this is a significant increase over the previous […]


As Open Enrollment Approaches, Employees Express Concerns

Over six out of 10 (63%) employees with employer-sponsored insurance say they are concerned this open enrollment season about their plans’ out-of-pocket medical costs increasing in 2018, according to a new survey.  The research also gleaned employees’ attitudes towards the enrollment process.

market price

A Practical Guide to Market Pricing

Compensation planning can be a very time consuming task. It’s vital to attracting and retaining qualified talent, but can be a bit less cumbersome when managed with a practical approach.