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Supreme Court ruling eases the way for certain class actions

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled March 22 that the use of statistical evidence to create a class action lawsuit against Tyson Foods was proper, an action that may make it easier for employees in certain situations to band together to sue their employers rather than suing as individuals. The Court ruled 6-2 in Tyson Foods […]


Donning + Doffing = Divided Decisions

The Supreme Court has refused to resolve competing appeals court views on the nature of donning and doffing, denying certiorari in Mountaire Farms Inc. v. Perez in late February. Perez is the latest in a series of cases in which petitioners ask for further clarification on when employees must be paid for putting on and […]


Tyson Foods: a lesson in religious tolerance, community relations

Tyson Foods is going a long way toward making employees of all religious persuasions happy. At least that’s the case at its plant in Shelbyville, Tennessee. About 700 of the 1,200 employees there came to the United States as political refugees from Somalia, and most of those 700 employees are Muslim. Recently, the Tyson plant’s […]