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Nebraska Supreme Court OK’s Employee’s Vocational Rehabilitation Plan

Nebraska law permits the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court to approve vocational rehabilitation plans to facilitate certain injured workers’ return to gainful employment. Read on to learn about the Nebraska Supreme Court’s recent decision on what the law means to “restore” an employee to work in “suitable employment.”


Alberta workers’ compensation: a refocus

by Theodore Fong This year has seen many developments in the labor and employment fields in Canada. One recent development concerns the Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB), one of several public agencies across Canada to administer an insurance plan for injured or ill workers. Its no-fault insurance system has been in place for nearly a […]


New workers’ compensation insurance rates will affect Ontario employers

by David Marchione Across Canada, workers’ compensation programs are designed to protect employees who suffer work-related injuries. These act as insurance programs administered by various agencies across all Canadian jurisdictions. These insurance regimes are collectively funded by employers who pay premiums according to a number of factors, including their payroll and history of workplace injuries […]


Are Injured Part-Time Workers Entitled to Statutory Reinstatement Protections?

By Dave Johnston, JD, Sulloway & Hollis P.L.L.C. Recently, the New Hampshire Supreme Court invalidated a New Hampshire Department of Labor (NHDOL) regulation that states part-time employees who are injured at work are ineligible for the reinstatement protections afforded by certain statutory provisions of New Hampshire’s workers’ compensation law.


Overcoming the hurdles in managing workers’ compensation claims

by David Marchione, OHS Consultant/Paralegal Many employers struggle to efficiently manage workers’ compensation claims. Most provincial experience rating programs established by workers’ compensation boards are based on two things: claim costs and claim duration. Thus, a failure by an employer to efficiently manage a claim can result in increased costs and increased duration of the […]