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Employment Law Tip: Guidelines for First Aid in the Workplace

If an employee gets injured at work, are you prepared to deal with the situation? The types of first-aid materials you must maintain in the workplace will depend on the nature and extent of hazards present. And Cal-OSHA standards require a basic level of readiness.

For employers, other than those in the construction industry (Cal-OSHA has more-demanding standards for construction industry employers), here’s a look at first-aid materials that should be on hand:

First-aid supplies. Employers must keep a suitable first-aid kit handy, maintain it in a sanitary and usable condition, inspect it frequently, and replenish supplies as needed. Supplies must be approved by a consulting physician.

Corrosive materials. In workplaces with a risk of exposure to injurious corrosive materials, the employer must provide facilities for the immediate drenching or flushing of the eyes and body in case of emergency. These facilities should be pointed out to new employees and clearly marked.

Stretchers and blankets. If ambulance service isn’t available within 30 minutes of the worksite, the employer may be required to maintain stretchers and blankets for use in emergencies. Even if ambulance service is available, keeping blankets and stretchers available is a smart practice.

The rules also require that employers have personnel on hand who are trained to administer first aid, and that you must ensure the ready availability of medical personnel for advice and consultation.

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