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You’re the Expert: What should our company be doing to prevent identity theft?

We have a lot of personal information on our customers and, of course, on all of our employees. What should our company be doing to prevent identity theft?

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Here’s what you had to say:


  • We organized a task force that included our security, HR, and IT people. We were able to pin down what we thought our weak spots were and revise our systems to eliminate them. — T.C.
  • When we took a look at this issue, after two employees reported problems, we realized that our policies and systems were OK—it was people being lax in following them that caused the problem. We developed a training program and delivered it to all our employees. They could all agree that it was for the protection of their own personal data that they had to focus on this issue every day. — J.W.
  • We took advantage of the concerns over identity theft to centralize our recordkeeping. All of our confidential records are now in one area with restricted access. However, we’ve made it convenient for managers and supervisors to use the records so they are not wanting to keep their own private set of files. — W.B.
  • We did a pretty good job of tightening our security after 9/11. There aren’t any strangers wandering around, and our computer systems are carefully firewalled. But we did find that many records were being treated casually. For example, the receptionists were often working on updating files that were left on their desks. That’s the kind of thing that we had to tighten up to prevent identity theft. — E.O.