Workplace Discrimination: An Effective Way to Prevent It

With terrorism has come increasing discrimination. Here’s a way to prevent it in your workplace.

Since the horrors of five Septembers ago, Americans have lived in a charged atmosphere about race and religion. Despite long-standing ideals of tolerance, the actions of a violent few are often blamed on all the members of certain races or religions. And acts of discrimination have, for some, become an easier pill to swallow.

In this atmosphere, it’s increasingly important to emphasize that not only is discrimination inappropriate in the workplace, it’s downright illegal. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other federal laws form a wall of bricks ready to tumble down on any organization that allows illegal discrimination against race, color, gender, national origin, religion, age, or disability. State and local laws add to that list.

Preventing Discrimination in 30 Slides

How best can you train your workforce on the illegality of discrimination, and the destructive force it creates among people who have to work together? We’d like to recommend a powerful slide plus accompanying booklet training presentation titled Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace, from BLR.

In 30 slides, plus accompanying ready-to-read speaker’s notes, the program teaches:

–The nature of workplace discrimination and of discriminatory actions
–How discrimination hurts an organization by undermining morale and respect
–Key definitions of terms such as “race/color” and “national origin”
–How pregnant women should be treated to avoid discrimination
–Types of compensation in which discrimination can occur
–What policy accommodations are necessary to avoid religious discrimination
–Protections against age discrimination and when age can be considered for employment
–What makes a disabled person a “qualified individual” in employment terms
–What employees should do if they witness discrimination, how your company will investigate the issue, and how employees will be protected from retaliation

What’s more, the key points are repeated in a colorful 16-page employee booklet, which includes a true-false test at the back that, when signed by the employee, certifies that training has been done. And you get a Certificate of Completion and a sample Antidiscrimination Policy to which you simply add your company specifics, then print and distribute to all employees.

We’ve seldom seen a program that can impart this much understanding of discrimination in a brief presentation … especially for under $100. We use it here at BLR. We’d like to suggest that you do the same.

To order the Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace PowerPoint Kit at no risk, click here.