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Super HR Websites: ‘Everything in HR at the Click of a Mouse!’

What if there was a place where all the HR information you need was instantly available? Thanks to the power of the Internet, there is.

The recent Daily Advisor article on how the Internet is changing salary negotiations showed just how powerful this amazing technology has become in HR.

Gone is the day when companies could operate in “splendid isolation,” writing their own ticket on how to do business. Now every organization is tied into a complex matrix of laws and market forces, in which everyone has access to the same critical information. Success goes to the player who can use it fastest and best.

Has key employment law changed in either Washington or your state capital? The information now spreads across the net at lightning speed. Has a competitor switched compensation schemes to offer your key employees a better deal than you do? Your workers know about it as fast as a blog can carry the news. In this supercharged situation, how do you assure you’re not caught napping?

The key is to be constantly tapped in to a whole universe of HR information. That used to be a job all by itself, requiring subscription to a wide variety of literature, which typically got stacked on your desk, and which, typically, you never had time to read. But as the net has intensified the need for information, it has also created the means to get it.

Enter the Super HR Website

Those means are total information “super HR websites,” which, as the ad writers like to say, “do everything in HR at the click of a mouse.”

Our super-site is called It’s been a virtual playground for our editors, allowing them to offer resources never dreamed of within the limits of print and paper. “We’ve literally put all the experience of nearly 30 years of HR publishing at the user’s fingertips,” said one editor. “It’s literally the key to the kingdom.”

Whichever site you subscribe to, here are our editors’ recommendations on what should be included:

–A knowledge bank of both federal employment law and that of your state. Ours covers 200 alphabetically indexed HR topics. Look up “discrimination,” for example, and the site instantly delivers, in plain English, both what federal law requires and how your state law differs.

–Salary data on over 2,400 jobs. BLR compiles data from extensive surveys each year then places it on Enter a job title and a few other specifics, and the site instantly provides the salary range for the job. Importantly, all data are localized to your state or city, as national data is seldom relevant to a local market.

–White papers and case studies. Working under the theory that any HR problem you face has probably already been faced … and solved … by others, the editors have accumulated an extensive library of best practices materials.

–Prewritten tools. includes more than 800 prewritten job descriptions, letters, checklists, and ready-to-use training meetings with reproducible handouts.

–News. A super-site should be updated daily with the latest in HR information. Ours is.

The Human Touch

Even the Internet can’t anticipate every HR question. For that reason, look for some form of personalized answer service. includes direct e-mail access to the editors for specific HR queries. Questioners get a personally written reply within one business day.


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