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Sexual Harassment: Proposed Training Rules Go Through Another Revision

Last week, the proposed regulations to implement A.B. 1825 went through yet another round of modifications.

In this latest draft, the Fair Employment and Housing Commission (FEHC) has addressed the issue of “duplicate training” for supervisors who received A.B. 1825-compliant training within the past two years from another employer. In this situation, the rules state that the supervisor is required to read and to acknowledge receipt of the current employer’s anti-harassment policy, within six months of assuming the new supervisory position or within six months of the employer’s eligibility. In addition, the supervisor must be put on a two-year tracking schedule based on the supervisor’s last harassment training. The rules place the burden of establishing that the prior training was legally compliant on the current employer.

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The draft also tinkers with provisions regarding the interval between training for individuals who are newly hired or promoted into supervisory positions. These individuals must receive training within six months of the hire or promotion. Then, if the employer uses a “training year” method of tracking/providing training for supervisors, the employer can place the new supervisors in the next group training year.

The FEHC will meet again on Nov. 14 to decide whether to adopt the current proposal or make further changes. We’ll keep you posted.

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