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OK, let’s say your boss read yesterday’s Daily Advisor article on sabbaticals. And now he or she thinks a sabbatical program may be the best idea for your organization since the invention of the Blackberry.

Fortunately – for the boss – there’s a management meeting soon so the idea can get rolling right away.

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Unfortunately – for you – the meeting is this afternoon. That means you’ve got just an hour to pull together what the boss has just asked for …”Oh, nothing special. Just a quick summary on the subject, no more than 10 pages!

Where do you turn for research? Google, maybe? Sure, if you’d like to figure out which of the 865,000 entries is relevant. But we’ve got a better suggestion:


That’s where we turned to help write the article, and found no less than a legal analysis, four feature articles, and three news reports on sabbaticals, all directly on point, and all as quickly as we could click a mouse. is BLR’s all-in-one online reference on compensation and benefits. From everyday tasks, like setting salary levels to more exotic stuff … like making recommendations on a sabbaticals program, you’ll find what you need. Here’s some of what the program includes:

–Salary Data on Thousands of Jobs, localized to your state or metropolitan area. This is a must-have competitively pay your workers, without overpaying. Who’s offering what in benefits, too!

–State and Federal Compensation Law. We’re talking nearly 100 topics, arranged A to Z, from “administrative exemption” to “workers’ compensation” and explained in plain English so you know your programs are right, and right with the law.

–Performance Appraisal Wizard. Automates and standardizes one of the toughest jobs in HR. A huge time and work saver!

–Merit Increase Budget Digest. Tells you what some 1100 other organizations are budgeting so help you better develop your own merit program.

–White Papers, news reports, and feature articles. Updated daily, this section accesses the latest trends and developments, but also more than 30 years of tips, ideas, and wisdom, collected by BLR in three decades of HR reporting.

–Prewritten job descriptions, sample policies, and premade forms, numbering in the thousands. If it’s not here, it probably doesn’t exist.

And all of it for the cost equivalent of about $3 a working day.

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