That's What She Said

The Convention Reprised

Throwing a virtual rave in a company-sponsored hotel room complete with black lights and a full assortment of hard liquor, while at the same time seeking to secure business opportunities, is a recipe for disaster. Luckily for Dunder Mifflin, Michael was miserably unsuccessful in creating the bacchanalian setting he so desperately longed for. But other companies have fared far worse. By way of example, one company found itself embroiled in litigation for injuries suffered by its employee who, after spilling his beer on a fellow reveler at a karaoke bar on Bourbon Street, was kicked in the groin during a bar fight. Employers are also frequently held liable for injuries caused when their employee gets drunk at company-sponsored parties and then get behind the wheel. In one case in Alaska, the jury awarded $635,000 when an employee imbibed at a convention and then crippled a pedestrian on his way home.

This may be one time when Michael’s ineptitude actually saved Dunder Mifflin some money!