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HR Training for Line Managers and Supervisors: The 10-Minute Solution

Attorneys agree the antidote to many legal problems is proper supervisor training. But who’s got the time? Answer: If you’ve got 10 minutes, you do.

Yesterday’s Daily Advisor article noted how, when two teams of attorneys were asked to list key HR problem areas, they came up with virtually the same results in two separate articles on the subject. Both teams included wage and hour violations, illegal hiring practices, poorly handled leave requests, and inadequate response to harassment and discrimination charges as among the most likely ways employers get into legal trouble.

They also agreed on something else: One necessary element to stay out of this kind of trouble is proper training of managers and supervisors. Because, though they may be wizards at production, marketing, or finance, there’s a pretty good chance your supervisory people will know only as much about HR as you tell them.

The danger, of course, comes when, as the saying goes, “they don’t know what they don’t know,” and they then act on that lack of knowledge, improperly misclassifying workers under the FLSA, asking illegal interview questions, denying protected leave under the FMLA or ADA, or dismissing potential Title VII harassment or discrimination complaints as the ramblings of yet another “disgruntled employee.”

Why don’t we train better? One major reason we hear over and over again is lack of time.

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As a response to this, the HR publishing industry has produced a number of “quick-train” products that concentrate only on what managerial people need to know, in practical terms, put into an attractive and readable format.

BLR’s entry is the 10-Minute HR Trainer. We believe it’s the best of the bunch, by far. Some reasons:

–Trains in 50 key HR topics, including manager and supervisor responsibilities under all the major employment laws, and how best to carry out managerial actions from hiring to legal termination. For a complete list of topics covered, click here.

–Uses the same teaching sequence master teachers use. Every lesson includes an overview, bullet-pointed key lessons, an immediate quiz to test understanding, and a handout to reinforce the learning later.

–Completely prewritten and self-contained. Each unit is set up as a group of reproducibles. Just make copies of the materials or turn them into overheads, and you’re done. No research; no writing; no other preparation needed. To see a sample lesson, click here.

–Updated continually. As laws and practices change, your training needs to do so as well. The 10-Minute HR Trainer program provides new lessons and updated information every 90 days, along with a monthly Training Forum newsletter, at no extra cost.

Banish classroom boredom! Train your line managers with BLR’s 10-Minute HR Trainer. Try it free. Read more.

–Teaches in as little as 10 minutes. The program gets its name from the fact that each lesson is so concisely written and so focused on the key information needed that there’s not a second’s waste of time. Your managers are in and out almost before they can look at their watches, the door, their watches, the door …

Evaluate It at No Cost for 30 Days

We’ve arranged to make 10-Minute HR Trainer available to Daily Advisor readers for a free 30-day trial. Review it at your own pace and try some lessons with your colleagues. If it’s not for you, return it, and we’ll pay return shipping. But the training need is there, and this program meets it. That’s why we recommend it today.

Click the link below for your free, 30–day, in-office trial, and we’ll be happy to make all the arrangements.

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