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Job Descriptions … Without the Work

When job descriptions are needed … at an average cost of less than 66 cents each … here’s the program thousands have turned to—BLR’s Job Descriptions Encyclopedia.

Yesterday’s Daily Advisor noted that one term HR professionals often search on Google™ and other search engines is “job descriptions.” Each month, some of you want to know how to write them, how to keep them legal, and whether we have a description already prewritten to use or adapt for this job or that.

In fact, we have over 500 of them, covering every common position in any organization from receptionist right up to president.

They were created within the context of an extremely well-known BLR program called Job Descriptions Encyclopedia. Around here, we just call it the “JDE.” We’re sure some out there would call it the answer to a Googler’s prayer.

See why thousands have reserved a permanent place in their offices for BLR’s classic Job Descriptions Encyclopedia. Try it at no cost or risk. Click for details.

First created in the 1980s, the JDE has been constantly refined and updated over time, with descriptions revised or added each time the law, technology, or the way we do business changes.

Revised for the ADA

There was a major revision following the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which required that every job description in the nation have its responsibilities divided between those that are essential functions and those less so. The purpose, of course, was to define jobs so that people with disabilities could qualify if, with or without a reasonable accommodation, they could carry out the essential parts of a job, even if they could not do those of lesser importance. In response, BLR editors took every one of those 500 descriptions apart and reassembled them to be ADA-compliant.

Another, more recent addition to the program was that of pay grades for each job, based on BLR’s extensive annual surveys of exempt and nonexempt compensation, and on other data. According to our customers, this is an enormous time-saver, enabling them to make compensation decisions right along with those that define the position.

You can see a sample job description from the program by clicking here. (Yes, it is the one for HR manager. Pay grade: 38.)

Prewritten job descriptions in the Job Descriptions Encyclopedia now come with pay grades already attached. Try the program at no cost. Click to learn more.

Importantly, the BLR Job Descriptions Encyclopedia is more than a collection of job descriptions in isolation. It also includes an extensive tutorial on setting up a complete job descriptions program, and how to communicate it and encourage participation from all parts of the organization. That includes top management, the employees themselves, and any union or other collective bargaining entity.

And, very important these days, the program also includes quarterly updates at no additional cost. When laws or emerging technology change jobs, we’ll send you new or revised descriptions that meet the latest legal or occupational standards every 90 days.

The cost is extremely reasonable, averaging less than 66 cents per job description … already written for you, legally reviewed, and ready to adapt or use as is. With a deal like that, it’s no wonder so many HR professionals maintain a permanent place for this business classic on their shelves.

Daily Advisor has arranged for you to evaluate BLR’s Job Descriptions Encyclopedia at no cost in your office for up to 30 days. Just click the link below, and we’ll be happy to arrange it.

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Never Write a Job Description Again!
Let us do it for you with BLR’s famous Job Descriptions Encyclopedia. More than 500 properly formatted, legally compliant descriptions already composed, salary-graded, and ready to use, for less than 66 cents each! Quarterly updates included at no added cost. Try it free for 30 days. Read more.