That's What She Said

Dunder Mifflin Infinity

Litigation Value: $600,000 (eventually)

One day soon, when all is said and done, Ryan’s comments are going to cost Dunder Mifflin about $600,000. Maybe more. Managers really should know better than to tell employees that the company is launching a new technology initiative for a “younger” and “more agile” company. They really should know better than to say it twice. Add to that Dunder Mifflin’s history of attempting to “squeeze” out older branch managers with a mandatory retirement age and the routine mocking of the human resources department, and you’re looking at an age discrimination case that has very little hope of getting thrown out before trial (and a half-decent chance of losing once you get there). Just not yet. After all, Dunder Mifflin didn’t take any adverse actions against anyone this week. But give it time, I’m sure they will give someone every reason to challenge them.

I’m not sure who the $600,000 will go to yet, but if I had to guess the lucky recipient, then my money would be on Creed. Especially if Dunder Mifflin finally learned about the “Debbie Brown” cover-up (where Creed attempted to hide his failure to stop the distribution of paper containing watermarks with cartoon ducks engaged in lewd conduct by blaming it on an innocent employee) and fired him. We all know that Creed will do anything for a few extra bucks. This may just be his lucky day.