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Data Points: The Boomers @ 62

• The majority of Baby Boomers who turn 62 in 2008 plan to retire by age 65.

• The majority of Baby Boomers who are turning 62 this year have been married only once and have 2.4 children; however, only one in five say their children are living at home with them.

• Only 2% of 62 year-olds said they attended the Woodstock Festival in 1969.

• 77% of Baby Boomers born in 1946 say they are in excellent health and have an average net worth, excluding home value, of $257,800 and an average annual income of about $71,400.

• 68% of  Baby Boomers who will turn 62 in 2008 have employee or retiree health insurance; 47% are covered by a defined-benefit pension plan.

• 45% like the term “Baby Boomer,” while 17% don’t like it.

Source: MetLife Mature Market Institute

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