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Why Should the Boss Listen to You? The 7 Disciplines of the Trusted Strategic Advisor

Ralph Gaillard reviews the book Why Should the Boss Listen to You? The 7 Disciplines of the Trusted Strategic Advisor by James E. Lukaszewski. Review compliments the book for showing the HR professional how to move up the corporate ladder and become an executive.

Book review of Why Should the Boss Listen to You?

Before you hit the beach or suffer the long drive to Disney World this summer, be sure to bring this book with you. For HR professionals, there isn’t a more important book of the season (perhaps the year) than this one: Why Should the Boss Listen to You: The Seven Disciplines of the Trusted Strategic Advisor. Why my sense of urgency and drama? In this book, the HR professional finally has a road map that will help them with their perennial struggle of getting a permanent perch inside the C-Suite.

Yes, it’s all here in black and white. The book’s author, James E. Lukaszweski, who is no stranger to the expansive CEO offices, offers his insider knowledge for getting inside the executive lair and what you should do once you get past the gatekeepers. More so, Lukaszweksi helps you understand the concept of time and how to use it toward your advantage in becoming part of the boss’s inner circle.

The best part of this book might be reading Lukaszweski’s experiences as chief strategists to various corporate leaders. In fact, he’s gracious enough to share one incident, in which he was fired for offering advice that conflicted with the business goals of the CEO. This goes to show the reader that the road to strategic face time is sometimes bumpy, but in the end, it’s all about having the courage to tell folks what they need to hear vs. what they want to hear.

Perhaps, that’s why I believe this book is so important. This is a time for courage in the American workplace, and that courage needs to emanate from the HR department. The anemic economy, the never ending task of managing talent, the tidal wave of new employment laws that’s about to hit, and other workforce issues demand that HR professionals stand up and counsel their executives through these tough and extraordinary times. In fact, I would fare to wager that most would be grateful for the advice. Luckily, Lukaszweski provides a blue print for doing so. In between the sun tan lotion and the beach towels, make room for this book. Your boss will be glad that you did.

Ralph Gaillard is the Executive Editor of HR Insight and Group Publisher of the Strategic HR division for M. Lee Smith Publishers. For nearly 20 years, Ralph has worked in the publishing and marketing fields, with a specialty in creating executive education programs, building strategic partnerships and launching new products. Ralph has worked for various information publishers, including Lawrence Ragan Communications, a leading provider of corporate communication information and training. He was also an account executive for The PBN Company, an international media relations firm based in San Francisco. Early in his career, Ralph worked for the Chicago Tribune as an editorial researcher and at The Washington Post as the staff researcher for National News. He is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management, the International Association of Business Communicators, and the American Society for Training and Development.