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‘Beeting’ Back Financial Crisis

Wall Street is taking a beating. Still. AIG’s collapse is just the latest in a series of events that is increasingly having an effect on our lives and the companies we work for.

Dunder Mifflin has encountered its share of financial problems including layoffs and even a branch closing. As you recall, the gang in Scranton didn’t handle the possible branch closing with much class or composure. Meredith propositioned Michael, Dwight and Michael drove up to the CFO’s house to protest, and Creed sold his work computer.

Hopefully the company you work for doesn’t have a reduction in force or any significant financial trouble, but if it does, you would all be well served to keep your head about you and handle the situation with thought and consideration. Keep everyone informed, as much as possible; ensure that any decisions made about cutbacks are properly made and lawful; and help alleviate the tension around the office. Maybe suggest a trip to a beet farm, or maybe just bring in beets for everyone to share and enjoy. You know, beets are an excellent source of fiber, potassium, and manganese.

In these difficult economic times, our jobs in HR often become more challenging. The prospect of cutbacks and even simple belt-tightening affect people a great deal. We need to be sources of information, sources of knowledge, and sources of levity, even if that means supplying beets to stressed-out employees.

Next week, we’re back to a recap of a new episode!

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