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Responding to This Week’s Job Loss Announcements

The HR Hero Line you are seeing today isn’t exactly what we had planned. But by noon on what is now being called “Bloody Monday,” we knew we needed to address the fallout from so many job cut announcements, which were then followed on Tuesday by possibly the worst unemployment report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in decades.

The numbers are so stunning it’s hard to comprehend them. They cut across all industry sectors and come from businesses that seemed to have solid business models and desirable, even necessary, products and services. To help put the numbers in perspective, picture one of the bigger college or professional football stadiums or basketball arenas you’ve ever seen. Fill it to capacity, and that’s about the same number of job losses that were announced on Monday alone — some 75,000.

Even if your company isn’t one of the businesses making these layoffs, there’s a good chance they might be your customer, vendor, or otherwise have a significant connection to your company, and their job cuts may end up trickling down to yours.

So, for this issue of HR Hero Line, we have pulled together a number of resources to cover many of the challenges that employers must deal with in the face of this news. Below are previous HR Hero Line articles about the economy and its affects on employers and tools to help employees avoid legal problems.

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