Month: March 2009

WAHOO Wins Kudos for HR Department

WAHOO—Work At Home Office Opportunity—is just one example of employee-centered thinking that has helped Mitchell International achieve success. Today’s Advisor looks at how they do it. With an HR mission statement that says, “…we exist to support the organization in achieving its strategic objectives and to ensure that we continue to attract, motivate, and retain […]

EEOC Violated the FLSA? Oops

An arbitrator has ruled that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) practice of giving comp time to employees who worked extra hours didn’t meet the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The ruling stems from a 2006 grievance protesting the EEOC’s reclassification of certain investigators and mediators as exempt from overtime under […]

Alcohol Addiction Is Not a Blanket Defense for Theft

By Dominique Launay There can be little doubt that dealing with employees suffering from the disease of addiction “whether to drugs, alcohol, or even gambling” is a challenge for employers. That challenge becomes greater when the employee raises the addiction as an excuse for engaging in misconduct. In a recent case, the question arose whether […]

Metrics ‘Gotchas’—Blindsided in the C-Suite

Even with the best of metrics, you’re not home free, says Attorney James P. Greene. Once top management starts in on your stats, you won’t likely escape unscathed. Be prepared to be hit with these common “gotchas.” Greene, a member of the Ann Arbor, Michigan, office of the law firm Dykema Gossett, and director of […]

Hot List: Bestselling “Management and Leadership” books on updates its list of the bestselling books every hour. Here is a snapshot of what is hot right now, this Monday morning, March 30, in the “Management and Leadership” section of the “Business and Investing” category. 1. Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell. Blink is about the first two seconds […]

40 Metrics—And Nary a One Interesting to Management

“Some HR managers keep 40 or more stats, virtually all uninteresting to their company’s executives,” says Attorney James P. Greene. He shares his meaningful metrics tips in today’s Advisor. There is no single set of metrics that fits all companies, Greene says. HR managers need to step back and find out what management really needs. […]

A New Day for Union Relations: EFCA, Obama, and the NLRB

by Mark I. Schickman We have been telling you about a big legislative change to the federal labor law around the corner, titled the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). If passed (which appears likely), it will require labor union recognition based on employee petitions without any union election. Of course, that move all but eliminates […]

The Michael Scott Paper Company

Litigation Value: $100,000 * and possibly a permanent injunction On the “Two Weeks” episode of The Office, Michael decided that since he was leaving Dunder Mifflin, he would start his own company, the Michael Scott Paper Company. This raises a lot of issues about what’s going to happen to the Scranton gang without their fearless […]

Insights from the C-Suite

I’m Dan Oswald, president and publisher of M. Lee Smith Publishers, and the newest blogger on the Employment Law Post. My first posts appeared on the Human Resources News blog. Here’s a list of those posts. The Time for Bold Action Keeping Your Eye on the Ball Bad Economy No Excuse for Not Succeeding Keep Long-Term […]

Changes to the Employers Forum on

The Employers Forum has always been a popular hangout on, but it was time to give it a facelift and incorporate the latest technology. We have upgraded the forum platform to vBulletin, which is used by many Fortune 500 companies. The new platform provides all you forumites with improved security, a better spam filter, […]