That's What She Said

Take One for the Team

Litigation Value: $60,000

There was just too much going on last night on The Office. Two Episodes, multiple story lines, and several unlawful actions that could lead to big money damages against Dunder Mifflin -– and the new Michael Scott Paper Company.

On the “Dream Team” episode, Michael and Pam set out to start the new company.  Unfortunately for Michael, the company got off on the wrong foot when his own Nana refused to invest in the company, and when he gave Pam all she needed to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against the new firm. It was one thing for Michael to wear his bathrobe to greet Pam for her first day at the company; but when he flashed her a few minutes later, he created a hostile work environment. Pretty good first hour for the company. Let’s call that $50,000, just because Michael hasn’t had a chance to drive the verdict any higher yet.

Over at Dunder Mifflin, with Michael gone, there weren’t any similar flashing incidents (although give Kelly and Angela a few more weeks with Charles, and who knows); but, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any unlawful conduct. When Charles let everyone play a soccer game in the parking lot and then smashed Phyllis in the face, he showed that he, too, could create liability for the company. Phyllis’ personal injury claim wouldn’t be the strongest -– she willingly played in the game -– but she still has just enough that I’ll say her claim is worth $10,000.

And I know Charles is a tough dude, but when Bob Vance seeks his vengeance, $10,000 will be the least of Charles’ problems.

We’ll save the second episode (The Michael Scott Paper Company) for our summer break. Check back next week for analysis of the Heavy Competition episode.