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Hot List: BusinessWeek’s Best Seller List

BusinessWeek magazine ranks the 15 best selling hardcover and paperback business books in November 2009 and  gives a short summary.

1.The 50th Law by 50 Cent, Robert Greene. Succeed by conquering your fears.

2. Bounce Back: Overcoming Setbacks to Succeed in Business and in Life by John Calipari with David Scott.
Kentucky’s basketball coach on rebounding after setbacks.

3. What Americans Really Want…Really: The Truth About Our Hopes, Dreams, and Fears by Dr. Frank I. Luntz. A political pundit’s insights into our hopes and fears.

4. Profits Aren’t Everything, They’re the Only Thing: No-Nonsense Rules from the Ultimate Contrarian and Small Business Guru by George Cloutier. A small business coach’s wisdom.

5. How Successful People Think: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life by John C. Maxwell. The 11 secrets successful people know (for only 10 bucks).

6. A Colossal Failure of Common Sense: The Inside Story of the Collapse of Lehman Brothers by Lawrence G. McDonald and Patrick Robinson. Lehman’s collapse, up close.

7. How The Mighty Fall: And Why Some Companies Never Give In by Jim Collins. The seeds of decay can be sown—unnoticed—while a company rides high.

8. Fierce Leadership: A Bold Alternative to the Worst “Best” Practices of Business Today by Susan Scott. Avoiding disastrous business decisions.

9. The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius and Betrayal by Ben Mezrich. An unflattering portrait of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

10. Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us by Seth Godin. A man, a plan, and a group of followers—that’s what you need to foster innovation.

11. Strengths-Based Leadership by Tom Rath and Barry Conchie. The three keys to being a more effective leader.

12. The Smartest Retirement Book You’ll Ever Read by Daniel R. Solin. A primer on retirement planning.

13. You Can’t Predict a Hero: From War to Wall Street, Leading in Times of Crisis by Joseph J. Grano Jr. with Mark Levine. A Wall Street veteran on overcoming adversity.

14. Peaks and Valleys: Making Good And Bad Times Work For You–At Work And In Life by Spencer Johnson. The Who Moved My Cheese?: An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life author on finding the upside at work.

15. In Fed We Trust: Ben Bernanke’s War on the Great Panic by David Wessel. A vivid look at Ben Bernanke’s response to the financial meltdown.

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