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Old Wine in New Skins

Happy new year, faithful readers! Those of you who surfed away from the BCS national championship college football game — apparently sponsored by some company other than Dunder Mifflin — may have noticed that the most recent episode of The Office was another repeat. An erudite colleague and fellow blogger has already posted on that show, so we needn’t gild the lily here.

Yet, for a blog entitled “That’s What She Said” (emphasis added), it seems untoward to let a full month pass without saying something new. So, allow us to say danke (that’s “thank you,” for those of you who don’t share Dwight’s Teutonic heritage) to the editors of the ABA Journal, who counted us among “the 100 best Web sites by lawyers, for lawyers.” And danke sehr to the many fans who navigated the mandatory online registration process and dimpled electronic chads for us in the “Lighter Fare” category. Although we came up short — by a razor-thin margin reminiscent of the Sunshine State almost a decade ago — we are not bitter about the results. Unlike Michael, we will nevertheless make good on all the promises we made to family members, friends, co-workers, and others whose support we shamelessly solicited. As for the unwanted spam you may now receive as a result, we can only leave you all with a heartfelt Entschuldigung!

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