HR Management & Compliance

Four Arizona Ballot Measures of Interest to Employers

By Chris McFadden

As a reminder, tomorrow will be your opportunity to make a difference in Arizona by heading to the polls! Four measures on the ballot may be of particular interest to employers.

  • Proposition 113 (secret ballot): If passed, this measure would guarantee the right to vote by secret ballot in union representation elections.
  • Proposition 203 (medical marijuana): This measure aims to allow seriously ill patients to use medical marijuana. If passed, employers will need to review their drug-testing policies, consider Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodation concerns, and analyze workplace safety implications.
  • Proposition 106 (health care): A yes vote would prohibit any rules that force state residents to participate in a health care program.
  • Proposition 107 (affirmative action): If passed, this measure would ban affirmative action programs in public employment and education.

We encourage you to research these initiatives further if you have any questions about their impact. Once the people of Arizona have spoken, we’ll provide a recap of the results.

Chris McFadden is an attorney with Ford & Harrison LLP in Phoenix and a frequent contributor to Arizona Employment Law Letter. He can be reached at (602) 627-3524.