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Iowa: It’s Back to the Past with New Governor

by Greg Naylor, Whitfield & Eddy P.L.C.

Twenty-five years ago, Michael J. Fox took us all Back to the Future. On Election Day, however, Iowa went back to the past, returning former Republican Governor Terry Branstad to a gubernatorial seat that hadn’t seen a Republican occupant in three consecutive terms.

Republicans also will take control in the state House of Representatives, but a full red-state sweep was stopped short in the Senate, where Democrats retained control.

Rounding out the state’s political goulash — or perhaps more appropriate, gridlock — Iowa will send no new faces to Washington, D.C., as all current incumbents retained their U.S. Congressional positions.

Greg Naylor, from the West Des Moines, Iowa, firm Whitfield & Eddy P.L.C., is the editor of Iowa Employment Law Letter. He can be reached at (515) 558-0144.