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Ideas for Surviving Sitcom Purgatory

I feel like I’m trapped in sitcom purgatory, stuck between The Office episodes of yesteryear and the glorious Scranton Promised Land where James Spader reigns supreme as the new branch manager. If you are like me, and find the combination of August heat and reruns to be oppressive at times, I have the following suggestions.

First, check out NBC’s website. It does a great job providing fans of The Office with all sorts of extra material. For example, watch interviews of the cast on a variety of topics, including their own savvy with social networking and general Internet technology. Or if you would rather just watch one of your favorite reruns, those are available, too. For a quick laugh, I recommend the trailer to “Threat Level Midnight” (A Michael Scott Joint).

Second, if you find yourself bored at the real office, try acting like Michael Scott or Dwight Schrute for the day. OK, I better not go any further with that one, I’m only kidding. If you have listened to anything this blog has to say, you will know that modeling yourself after Michael, Dwight, or anyone else on The Office will only result in a massive lawsuit and potentially a visit to the penitentiary.

Most important, do not follow Michael Scott’s example in the area of your love life. For example, during last night’s rerun of “Garage Sale,” originally aired March 24, 2011, Michael proposes to Holly in the presence of the entire office crew. While some online romance experts suggest that office proposals are a good thing (and even recommend incorporating PowerPoint presentations), most agree they are to be avoided. One site explains: “The last thing you want to do is surprise her at a place many associate with stress and dissatisfaction.” While Michael doesn’t associate work with stress (probably because he never actually works), your significant other probably does, so no proposals at work, please. For examples of real proposals that failed, including the arena proposal from the guy masquerading as the mascot, follow this link.

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  1. During this summer purgatory (it is 103 here) I have been rewatching all of the first 7 seasons in preparation for the New Office. I really am hoping the writers’ creative juices will be replenished and are in full view this season. James Spader is a terrific actor; I just hope the character they give him will be multidimensional in order to take advantage of his skills. If Robert California is… should be a great season with interesting new dynamics for all the characters.

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