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Instant Gratification for HR Managers!

By Stephen D. Bruce, PHR
Editor, HR Daily Advisor

We’re very excited to announce our just-launched Instant Solutions Resource Center! It’s the faster, more flexible, more affordable way to solve your HR problems.

Visit our instant download site and purchase only what you need—from in-depth focus reports to a single policy—and you get it at lightning speed as an instant download, with no shipping cost or waiting.

Go ahead and try any of the links below to see what’s available, and then please let me know what you think. (

HR Essentials Kits—All the tools to solve your problem, at your fingertips
Our self-contained HR Essentials Kits include the key information to handle the issue at hand, from national and state legal analysis, prewritten policies, forms and checklists, as well as  a Powerpoint presentation complete with slides, leader’s comments, quiz, and handout. Available now:

You know your managers could do a better job if they were trained, and now there’s a convenient and reasonable way to get it done—BLR’s Leadership Library at the online, 24/7, Employee Training Center. Get More Information.

Redi2Use Libraries—The prewritten documents for your specific situation
Forget about hunting through multiple publications to meet your HR documentation needs. BLR has already pre-packaged exactly the documents to deal with many compliance or other key HR issues, prewritten by our legal experts. Available now:

Click for a complete list of libraries.

BLR Focus Reports—When big changes happen, we’ve got you covered!
Whether it’s fast-changing health care regs, a new EEOC or FLSA initiative, or key developments, our attorneys and subject experts instantly bring you up-to-date, and equip you to act decisively. Available Focus Reports:

Click here for a full list of the latest reports.

Benchmark Surveys—What’s Really Happening in Benefits and Compensation
Input from thousands of companies and millions of data points summarized into easy-to-use reports. Find out how you compare. Available titles:

Click for a complete list of surveys.

Despaired of ever getting your managers and supervisors trained? It isn’t easy to fit it in—schedule-wise or budget-wise—but now there’s BLR’s Leadership Training for Managers and Supervisors. Train all your people, at their convenience, 24/7, for one standard fee. Get More Information.

Real-Life Answers—Specific questions? We have answers.

Real-life questions from real-life customers answered by our team of attorneys and experts.

Click for a complete list of real-life answers.

Redi2Use Forms—when a single forms is all you need
Individual documents such as job descriptions, policies, or safety plans, expertly prewritten and legally reviewed, are available for instant download. Created by following the latest criteria and guidelines. Available now:

Click for a complete list of forms.

Please let me know what you think of our new download center. Was there something you couldn’t find? What could we do to improve the site?

Thanks so much for your help.

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