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Free Compensation Report: Market Pricing Versus Job Evaluation: Why Not Both?

The Compensation Daily Advisor® announced today the release of a free report for compensation professionals, Market Pricing Versus Job Evaluation: Why Not Both?, which provides a strategy to help employers integrate job evaluation and market pricing tools.

The exclusive special report examines the two tools in tandem – rather than as competing strategies. Market pricing is defined as using external sources to assign value to a company’s jobs, while job evaluation is a systemic approach to analyze and value them within an organization. Compensation professionals often come down firmly on one side or the other. However, the report argues that a hybrid strategy calls upon the strengths and shores up the weaknesses of each approach individually.

“This special report is as must for compensation professionals,” said Compensation Daily Advisor Editor Stephen Bruce, PHR. “By learning how to combine these two different approaches, you will take advantage of the best, most up-to-date processes available, and have a better understanding of the value of your company’s jobs.”

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