Benefits and Compensation

7 Must Read Comp Articles

The Top 5 Compensation Habits to Kick
Most comp managers have a few bad habits, but they’re hard to break, say experts Stacey

Lunches and Breaks—’Little’ Violations, But Fines Add Up Quickly
In yesterday’s Advisor, we covered two of the most common wage/hour violations; today, more violations.

Pay Never Goes Down? Another Bad Habit
In yesterday’s Advisor, we featured the first three of Stacey Carroll and Al Lee’s "bad compensation habits." Today, more bad habits.

The 6 Most Common Wage/Hour Violations—and How to Avoid Them
What are the most common violations found by DOL‘s Wage and Hour Division (WHD)? Time clocks, rounding, training time, and break time are among the top six.

‘I Can’t Live on What You’re Paying Me’ Conversations
In yesterday’s Advisor, we covered the basics of dealing with tough compensation questions. Today, more tough questions.

The 5 Key Comp Trends for 2011
In yesterday’s Advisor, we featured consultant David Wudyka‘s statistics on pay changes in the works for this year. Today, his trend predictions.

Catch Me If You Can Compensation? DOL Says ‘I Caught You’
Employers can say “Catch me if you can,” but they had better be ready to explain their decisions when the DOL says ‘I caught you,” says consultant Jonna Contacos-Saywer.