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Compensation Daily Advisor Year in Review

‘I Can’t Live on What You’re Paying Me’ Conversations
In a previous Advisor, we covered the basics of dealing with tough compensation questions. Today, more tough questions from a recent BLR webinar featuring Teresa Murphy and David Wudyka.

Wage and Hour Mythbusters
Wage and hour should be the easiest job in comp, but there are a surprising number of misconceptions, and there is a surprising amount of misinformation being disseminated by savvy-sounding "experts" wandering the Internet chat sites.

Will SPIFFs Turbo-Charge Your Salespeople? Experts Say "Yes"
In a previous Advisor, experts Jerome A. ("Jerry") Colletti and Mary S. Fiss clarified Fast Start Bonuses and Overachievement Incentives for "turbo-charging sales performance. Today, their take on SPIFFS, plus an introduction to a special guide for smaller comp/HR departments.

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The 6 Most Common Wage/Hour Violations–and How to Avoid Them
What are the most common violations found by DOL’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD)? Time clocks, rounding, training time, and break time are among the top six.

Lunches and Breaks–‘Little’ Violations, But Fines Add Up Quickly
In a previous Advisor, we covered two of the most common wage/hour violations; today, the other four violations plus a bonus violation: non-exempt travel pay.

Catch Me If You Can Compensation? DOL Says ‘I Caught You’
Employers can say “catch me if you can,” but they had better be ready to explain their decisions when the DOL says ‘I caught you,” says consultant Jonna Contacos-Saywer.

Your Tracking Nightmare — Multiple Stacking Leaves
It’s not unusual to have to deal with five types of leave at a time, says expert Linda Southard, and that’s a tracking nightmare. In today’s Advisor, her tips for tackling the common challenge of leave stacking.

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You Discriminated, I’m Depressed, I’m Taking FMLA
In a previous Advisor, we featured attorney Jonathan A. Segal’s take on the most common mistakes in appraisal and discipline documentation. Today, more of his practical advice, and an introduction to a trusted source for comp solutions.

Turbo-Charge Your Sales Incentive Program
Three "turbo-charged" sales incentive techniques will accelerate your sales performance, say experts Jerome A. ("Jerry") Colletti and Mary S. Fiss. They shared their tips at the WorldatWork’s Total Rewards Conference and Exhibition, held recently in San Diego.

The Top 5 Compensation Habits to Kick
Most comp managers have a few bad habits, but they‘re hard to break, say experts Stacey Carroll and Al Lee. In today’s Advisor, their "Top 5" bad habits of compensation managers.