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Can’t Beet a Garden Party

Litigation Value: Zilch. An episode blissfully free of employment law problems!

Tonight’s episode — the last of 2011 — brings up a reprise of “The Garden Party,” previously blogged by my colleague Brian Kurtz.

Most of the action takes place outside of the usual office setting, at Dwight’s bucolic beet farm/budding party venue. In an effort to impress both Robert California and his parents, Andy decides to throw a garden party — with “Connecticut casual” as the dress code. My favorite running joke in the episode involves Dwight’s slavish devotion to a book on how to throw a garden party, not knowing that it was penned by Jim (under the nom de plume “James Trickington”). I know there will be a “tableau vivant” at my New Year’s Eve party!

Though there is quite a bit of uncomfortable interaction between Andy and his dad (who clearly favors Andy’s younger brother, played by Josh Groban, to Andy), and repeated brown-nosing of Robert California, there isn’t anything offensive from an employment law perspective. On the contrary, it is touching how the staff rallies around Andy at the end of the party — just in time for the closing ceremonies — after they inadvertently hear his dad demean him over the baby monitor. Maybe there’s hope for our merry band after all!

Looking forward to new episodes in 2012! Have a Happy New Year everyone!

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