That's What She Said

Some Friendly Advice

Litigation Value: Nada, Zero, Zilch. Interview Advice: Priceless.

No “Office” last night, fellow Scrantonites! (Scrantonians?) I didn’t know what to do with myself all evening. And since we don’t have a new episode – or even a rerun – to discuss, I did what I do best and made a list.

Top 10 Things NOT To Say When Interviewing For A Job At Dunder Mifflin Paper Company:

10. “My nickname at summer camp was Pyro.” (Well… actually… Pyro, meet Fire Guy. You two will really hit it off.)

9. “I considered majoring in Journalism, but I decided that newspapers were a dying industry.”

8. “I just got an e-Reader and I LOVE it! Downloading books rules!”

7. “I’m allergic to cats.” (Only if interviewing for the Accounting Department.)

6. “You’ll note on my resume that I graduated from Harvard University.” (Well, probably fine to say this to anyone but Andy.)

5. “A Cappella is for dorks.” (Again, probably fine to say this to anyone but Andy.)

4. “I’ve always had a real passion for Human Resources.”

3. “So, tell me more about this Pam. Is she seeing anyone?”

2. “I’m just looking for something temporary until my stand-up comedy career takes off.”

And finally…

1. “My proudest achievement? Probably the Jell-O eating contest I won.” (You’re going to love it here. We have a really nice stapler for you.)

Have a great weekend, friends!