HRHero 2012 Health Insurance Benefits Survey Results

Nearly 65 percent of respondents to a recent HRHero survey on health insurance benefits said they expect their health insurance costs to rise because of health care reform. Half of respondents said they were not sure if their organizations would eliminate health care plans in 2014, when it may be easier for workers to get coverage in the individual market.

One of the biggest unknowns for many employers is how health insurance costs will affect their businesses each year. The 2012 HRHero Health Insurance Benefits Survey showed that most employers are certain about one thing – that the uncertainty will continue.

More than 96 percent of respondents to the health insurance benefits survey said they offer health insurance to workers, in contrast to the 2011 Kaiser Family Foundation’s Employer Health Benefits report which found that 60 percent of firms in the United States offer health insurance benefits.

Here are other highlights from the HRHero 2012 Health Insurance Benefits Survey:

  • 74 percent of employers reported their health insurance packages are about the same as last year;
  • 30 percent said they absorbed some of the increased costs they incurred;
  • 47 percent reported their costs have not yet been significantly affected by health insurance reforms;
  • 68 percent said they have not considered dropping health insurance plans because it is too important to their compensation packages; and
  • 49 percent said their main priority in 2012 regarding health insurance is reigning in costs.

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