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Some ‘Surprised and Disappointed’; Some ‘Loved’ It

Here are the comments:

 ‘Every successful business needs an a**hole …’

So in your company, the CFO who was disciplined about process and procedures was the a**hole? Sounds like HR people would also be a**holes then. Maybe this is a new way for HR folks to sell their value to the C-suite execs, to show that they’re more than the "company picnic planner": "Every successful business needs an a**hole, and I’m your man/woman."

‘I’ll send the a-holes your way’

I hope this company can survive on 3 people alone because if a third of your energy is focused on being an a-hole, I’m guessing you aren’t going to have a whole lot of customers and employees sticking around. For all we’ve learned about leadership development over the years, and everything that came out about what a horrible boss Steve Jobs was to his staff, I’m surprised and disappointed to see an article like this being sent out to the HR community.

Let’s rise above. Being an a-hole is just as weak as always being fluffy and nice. We need leaders who can be direct communicators and make tough decisions, AND who can also respect people and trust, delegate, communicate, inspire, and be humble… that’s NOT an a-hole!

You may want to go back to the dog-eat-dog business world of the 80s and before, but I sure don’t and I’m glad to see that the new and future leaders we are grooming don’t either! I’ll send the a-holes your way though as they slowly work their way out of successful companies elsewhere., now thoroughly revamped with easier navigation and more complete compensation information, will tell you what’s being paid right in your state—or even metropolitan area—for hundreds of jobs. Try it at no cost and get a complimentary special report. Read more.

‘Maybe your piece will generate some appreciation …’

All three are definitely important, but it’s usually the creative and business skill sets that get the glory, while the discipline skill set (like those common in HR) goes unheralded, if not scorned. Maybe your piece will help generate some appreciation for it. Thanks!

‘I loved this article’

I loved this article and wholehearted agree with 90 percent of it. It notes that it’s not necessarily 3 people but 3 personality types that are needed, and that managers, CEOs, etc., should always surround themselves with key people that they respect for their different perspective and abilities.

I’m in a non-profit organization where peoples needs are MY bottom line and while it infuriates me to no end to have it pointed out constantly that we need to be aware of the financial and legal repercussions of what we do, I realize that the people that push this stuff are necessary to the continued success of the business.

I think the author used the term asshole one time in the article! Of course nobody is gonna hire someone because they say they’re an asshole, nor do you need to be an asshole 1/3 of the time. I think HR people might be a little touchy on this subject because they are often used as the scapegoat in situations where discipline and/or additional training are needed.

Next week: “Here’s to the Crazy’s,” another take on the contributions of Steve Jobs.