That's What She Said

If David Wallace is Back, Can Michael Scott Be Far Behind?

Well, of course not. Steve Carell is much too much of a star now to make the move back to TV. (Quick: Can you name the actor who portrays David Wallace? Neither could I. His name is Andy Buckley.) Nevertheless, and as much as I love Ed Helms as Andy Bernard, it’s fun to think about what The Office might be like if Michael came back. Plus, with Robert California and, presumably, Nellie gone, and with Andy and Erin happily canoodling, there is a risk of fewer employment law-related shenanigans at The Office — and Michael would certainly ensure that wouldn’t happen. So I thought I’d spin out the top 5, purely hypothetical scenarios that might tempt Michael to return to the garden spot of northeast Pennsylvania.

5. David Wallace offers him the position of the company’s Ambassador to Canada.

4. Michael Scarne needs a cover for his next assignment, as documented in “Danger is My Maiden Name.”

3. Michael is hired to play right wing for Scranton’s new major league hockey team and moonlights at The Office because paper is in his blood (literally).

2. Michael totally misunderstands when he hears that everyone in Scranton has embraced “fracking.”

And the number 1 reason why Michael might find himself back at The Office:

1. So he can afford to mount a legal defense after being extradited to Pennsylvania because Toby accuses him of being the real Scranton strangler.