HR Strange But True

Run Worker Run, but Not When You’re on WC

By: Elaine Quayle

Sure, you want your employees to stay in shape. Running long distance—how great! But you don’t want them running in over 80 long-distance races when they are on workers’ comp.

A Florida postal worker was out on WC for a back injury. According to Yahoo! News, she was therefore relieved of carrying a mail sack and put on light duty.


The worker had been participating in long-distance competitions for some time.  However, her name, finish times, and photos continued to appear on social media sites for a triathlon and races—including for the Boston Marathon—after the back injury. In fact, her times had improved!

A U.S. district court gave her some time—jail time. She was convicted of making a false statement with regard to her injury and faces up to 15 years in prison.