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Performance Appraisal Ratings—Training Required!

Because poor performance is often advanced as the reason for a termination, the performance appraisal system is often the crux of the defense against a wrongful termination suit. Here’s how to train your managers and supervisors to make sure your appraisals hold up.

Direct Legal Problems in Appraisals

One common claim is from an employee who claims that he or she was given a low rating because of membership in a protected class (race, sex, age, religious belief, national origin, veteran status, disability).
To fight these claims, employers may consider three steps:

  1. Concentrate on the job and the performance of its essential tasks
  2. Avoid comments that could suggest a discriminatory attitude (women shouldn’t take jobs like this, men don’t usually take jobs like this)
  3. Be consistent. Reasonable consistency means treating similarly situated employees the same. Once there’s inconsistency, eventually, there’s going to be the appearance of discrimination.

Hiding Expectations

Another common claim is that the employee never knew what was expected. Sharing expectations and results is part of fairness. Juries want to know, Did the employee get a chance to improve? Did the employee know what the consequences of poor performance were?

Indirect Legal Problems

Many legal problems of appraisals are indirect. For example, documentation issues and inflated ratings.
Documentation issues
It’s a frequent problem in court that an employer has terminated an employee for poor performance and then the performance appraisal has a block checked “poor” with out supporting evidence or documentation. That makes defending the suit tough.
Even worse—the appraisal can’t be found at all. (This is surprisingly and annoyingly frequent.)

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Inflated Ratings

Another legal problem that plagues performance appraisals is the problem of inflated ratings. These are a lawsuit waiting to happen. Positive or neutral ratings will confound your attempts to explain adverse actions you based on poor performance.
Imagine yourself—perhaps on the witness stand—explaining that a termination was due to incompetence or poor performance or poor attitude. Then the defense attorney produces a string of recent performance appraisals—that you signed—indicating “satisfactory.” (Or, worse, “excellent.”)
Case closed.
Either you were lying when you filled out the appraisal or you’re lying now. Either way, your credibility is shot.
What can you do to make sure your leaders—every manager and supervisor on the org chart—take their leadership roles seriously? There’s only one way—train, train, train.
It’s no secret, one of the primary reasons people leave their jobs is poor management. By developing good managers you can help reduce turnover, improve morale and increase production, and that’s to say nothing of avoiding appraisal-based, expensive lawsuits.
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The Leadership Library trains your managers on the fundamental skills required for successful team management and organizational communication.
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  • Encouraging Employee Input
  • Negotiation Skills For Supervisors
  • Time Management for Supervisors
  • Professional Behavior: What Supervisors Need to Know
  • Performance Goals for Supervisors
  • New Supervisors’ Guide to Effective Supervision
  • Problem Solving for Supervisors
  • How to Manage Challenging Employees
  • Coaching for Superior Employee Performance: Techniques for Supervisors
  • Effective Meetings: How-to for Supervisors
  • Leadership Skills: What New Managers and Supervisors Need to Know

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