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Top 7 Compensation Daily Advisor Articles 2012: Wage & Hour Edition

Unauthorized Overtime–Must Be Paid Even if Forbidden
Many employers have written policies prohibiting unauthorized overtime. Such policies are fine—but you still have to pay employees for all hours they work, even if they have repeatedly violated your policy by working the extra hours.

Unannounced WHD Inspector on the Way to Your Office?
If you’ve got hourly workers, eventually you’ll hear the dreaded “There’s someone at reception from DOL’s Wage/Hour division (WHD). Something about all our payroll records.” Here’s what happens and what to do to be prepared.

Wage/Hour Story Told in Million-Dollar Lawsuits
Wage and hour cases often seem piddling—who cares about a few hours of overtime here and there? But add in other class members (hundreds, thousands?), years (2 or 3), and damages, and there’s quite a tidy sum you might owe.

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Next $Million-Dollar Wage and Hour Lawsuit—Yours
Just about every day, it seems DOL wins or settles another expensive lawsuit based on the "simple" laws of wage and hour. Today’s Advisor features beyond-the-basics questions that are often asked of the BLR® compensation experts.

‘It’s My First Amendment Right to Discuss Wages’
Special from Atlanta–SHRM Annual Conference and Exhibition: Employees do have the right to discuss wages, says attorney Joseph Beachboard, but for most employees, those rights don’t come from the First Amendment but from the NLRB.

OFCCP Demands Detailed Compensation Analysis in Virtually Every Audit
OFCCP’s audits are getting tougher, says attorney Susan Fahey Desmond, including more in-depth evaluations, more focus on proactive steps to reach goals, and detailed compensation audits in virtually every recent audit.

Alice is Smoking in the Dynamite Shack
Special from Atlanta–SHRM Annual Conference and Exhibition: Hunter “Please Sue Me” Lott’s annual SHRM presentation on how managers beg for lawsuits covered FLSA, salary confidentiality, probationary periods, and much more. His tips came at SHRM’s Annual Convention and Exposition held recently in Atlanta, Georgia."