Best Practices for Leave, Vacation, Sick, and PTO? Let’s Find Out

Employee leave—whether it’s vacation, sick time, or PTO—is frustrating enough, without worrying about what your competitors are up to. You need facts about best practices, and our Employee Leave Survey will ferret them out. But only if you help.

For years, BLR® has surveyed HR and compensation/benefits professionals to find trends in policy and practice. We appreciate your participation in our series of brief, targeted surveys. Today’s survey topic: Employee Leave Survey.

We’ll publish the results in a future issue, and we’ll also send you a PDF report. (Be sure to include your contact information where prompted.)

Please participate in this brief survey and together we’ll get answers to these questions and more:

  • What kinds of paid leave are offered to employee—separate vacation and sick leave or PTO?
  • How much paid leave is offered per year?
  • How does the amount of leave vary with years of service?
  • Is donating paid leave to other employees allowed?

Please take this brief survey and see how your existing practices and future plans stack up against those of the country’s most successful companies. The survey takes only a few minutes and it will help you stay on top of your industry and keep your organization competitive.

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Complete the Employee Leave Survey Now

By sharing your insights, opinions, and experience, you’ll help us highlight trends and define benchmarks—by industry, geographic location, and size of employer—that will inform your decision-making for the coming year. At the same time, you’ll find out how your fellow HR professionals are handling tricky benefits challenges, and you’ll be able to compare your practices with those of your competitors.

Complete the Employee Leave Survey Now

Rest assured that all responses are confidential, and only aggregate findings will be published.

Thank you for your valued input. We’ll report on the results in a future issue—and rush you a PDF.

Dan Oswald, CEO
BLR—Business and Legal Resources

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Complete the Employee Leave Survey Now