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New Study Shows that Project Management Training Yields Significant Results

Areas of Improvement

Of participants in “The State of Project Management Training,” 29% credited project management training with improvement in stakeholder satisfaction, while 27% reported improvement in schedule performance, and nearly the percentage—26%—had fewer project failures.

In the study of 247 large, mid-sized, and small companies in a variety of industries, project management firm PM Solutions (www.pmsolutions.com) also found that 25% of participants reported improvement in each of the following categories: budget performance, requirements performance, project quality, and productivity.

In addition, the study found that 24% of organizations saw an improvement in time (speed) to market.

Methods of Training

The study identified several types of project management training, including instructor-led classroom training, self-directed e-learning, instructor-led virtual learning, blended learning, and technology-delivered training.

Looking ahead to the coming year, participants plan to buy a wide variety of training products and services. However, due to the nature of project management, the classroom training is the most used and most effective method of training employees on project management skills, according to the survey.

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“The fact that instructor-led classroom training rated highest in terms of usage and effectiveness comes as no surprise to us,” said Deborah Crawford, executive vice president of PM Solutions and president of its project management training division, PM College®, which sponsored the study.

“This is right in line with our customer data. Since project management is so team-based, our training clients are primarily using instructor-led, interactive classroom training, and these courses continue to rank highest in terms of participant satisfaction and effectiveness,” she said.

Other Findings

The average firm spends $2,211 per-year per-employee on project management training, according to the study.

PM Solutions also reports that employees receive an average of 6 days of project management training per year, and that the majority of training offered by participants is provided by external training vendors.

“You can’t overestimate the importance that well-trained employees have to an organization—training and experience have as much or more impact as even the best technology or processes,” said Matt Light, research vice president at Gartner, Inc., commenting on the topic. “As enterprises grow increasingly ‘projectized,’ studies by Gartner and other industry thought leaders show that training in project management is essential to improving performance.”

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