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Who’s Using HRIS? Whose Are They Using? Survey Says …

In June 2012, BLR’s HRIS expert, Holly Jones, surveyed BLR customers on their HRIS use. An audio conference download was offered as premium for survey completion. Just under 600 HR Daily Advisor and HR Hero Line readers responded. According to Jones, important findings included:

  1. About half of respondents use an HRIS system and about half of those use systems that are cloud-based or SAAS.
  2. Almost 80% of HRIS users have 100 or more employees.
  3. Of survey respondents who use an HRIS, 28% are logged in for more than half of the day.
  4. Reporting data, payroll management, PTO/leave tracking, and benefits management were the most common uses among respondents
  5. ADP was the most popular system used by respondents, with 21 percent of respondents

What is an HRIS? (Human Resources Information System)

For purposes of the survey, we defined HRIS as a software or online platform that assists HR professionals by integrating the management of employee data with the performance of common HR tasks.

What does an HRIS do?

One of the key functions of an HRIS is the integration of employee data into the system, which speeds up—and in some cases automates—performance of common HR tasks such as those shown here:

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Performance Management
  • Training
  • Benefits Management
  • Compliance Filings
  • Time and Attendance
  • Payroll/Compensation Management
  • Creating Reports
  • Leave Tracking
  • Talent Management

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How Is the Service Delivered?

There are three common delivery systems for HRIS:

  • Cloud/Software as a Service (SAAS): Customer logs in to a remote website or web portal to use the service. The customer’s data is also stored remotely.
  • On-site/on-premises: Customer uses software that is installed on a physical hard drive or server on the business premises. Data are also stored on-site.
  • Hybrid: Customers may download software/modules onto their own networks from centralized databases.

Do You Use an HRIS System?

Use an HRIS? Percent
Yes  55%
No 40%
Other 5%

Where Does the System Reside?

System Resides? Percent
Cloud/ SAAS  50%
On-site 41%
Other 9%

How Big Do You Have to Be?

How big do you have to be to use an HRIS? Almost 80% of HRIS users responding to the survey have 100 or more employees; however, 8% of HRIS users among customers surveyed had fewer than 50 employees. With the rise in cloud computing and SAAS, smaller employers may now be better able to afford HRIS solutions, as the startup and support costs are generally less prohibitive.

What Is the Typical Share of Day?

Of survey respondents who use an HRIS, 28% are logged in for more than half of the day, while 59% of users spend more than an hour in their HRIS every day.

How much do survey respondents use HRIS?

Logged In? Percent
Logged in at all times 19%
4-8 hours 9%
2-4 hours 13%
1-2 hours 18%
30 mins.-1 hour 21%
< 30 mins. 20%

How Do Respondents Use HRIS?

HRIS Used For? Percent
Reporting Data  43%
Payroll Management 37%
PTO/Leave Tracking 28%
Benefits Management 27%
Attendance Tracking 18%
Compliance Filings 17%
FMLA Tracking 17%
Applicant Tracking 14%
Performance Management 14%
Training Delivery and Tracking 14%

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Which Vendors Do Survey Respondents Prefer?

Vendor Used? Percent
ADP 21%
Ceridian 4%
Kronos 4%
Lawson 4%
Oracle/Peoplesoft 11%
SageAbra 6%
Ultimate 7%

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  1. I’m curious about how receptive the C-suite is to HRIS–are they resistant to making the investment? Do they pay attention to the reporting data?

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