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The Best Harassment Prevention Prescription is to Train, Train, Train

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6. A superior blocks a promotion for a subordinate who has firmly stated that the superior’s sexual remarks were unwelcome.

This is another example of potential tangible employment action harassment. Of course, the superior can argue that he or she blocked the promotion for a good business reason, but that reason had better be well documented and beyond questioning. And there could still be a hostile environment.

7. The company’s policies on harassment state that co-workers can’t date.

This seems like a great, albeit draconian, solution to a potential problem, but most organizations find that it’s unworkable. It’s also difficult to police. The important thing is to train supervisors and managers about:

  • The potential for a harassment if either party has any business power over the other.
  • The potential for a retaliation claim if the parties break up.

8. As long as people don’t complain about my kidding and my pinching, I don’t have to worry.

Sometimes, employees will seem to be going along with inappropriate behavior, and it is true that behavior must be “unwelcome” to be harassment. Unfortunately, in court people who seemed to be accepting may tell the jury that they had to go along so they could feed their young children. That’s not going to end well for the company.

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9. I’ve been sleeping with my assistant, but we both enjoy it—it’s not a boss thing, it’s a love thing.

Unfortunately for the company, most relationships eventually break up, and that means the employee, if he or she suffers a negative employment action, can always claim that it was retaliation for breaking up the relationship.

And there’s another problem with subordinate dating—co-workers will tend to believe that the subordinate is getting special treatment. That’s bad for morale and could also result in a lawsuit.

10. Only supervisors can harass subordinates.

Generally, only supervisors and managers can exercise the power to engage in tangible employment action harassment, but any co-worker can create a hostile environment.

11. Our receptionist is attractive, and the delivery people tend to tease a little, well, a lot, but they’re not employees, so there’s nothing I can do about them.

If you allow a hostile environment to continue, even if created by an outsider, you are condoning harassment, and that is not going to be good. Management must take action, talking to the outsiders, and if necessary, to their management.

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