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Is “Talent Management” a Top Priority for You in 2013

Only half of major organizations regard talent management as a top priority, according to a recent Right Management survey. For 13% of organizations, talent management is a secondary priority, and for the balance, not a priority at all, according to the survey.

The survey asked respondents, “How much of a priority is talent management to your organization’s top leadership?”

Here are the results:

A top priority


Secondary priority


Not a priority


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In addition, respondents were asked to cite the core elements of their organization’s talent management strategy, if applicable.

The following ranking is the result:

  1. Leadership development (e.g., coaching, high-potential programs, succession management, onboarding, performance management, cross- cultural competency)
  2. Talent acquisition (e.g., sourcing, hiring, selecting and onboarding talent)
  3. Employee engagement (e.g., engagement and retention strategies, wellness, productivity optimization)
  4. Individual and team development ( e.g., competency modeling, organizational, team and individual assessments)
  5. Organization effectiveness (e.g., implementing strategy, workforce alignment, change management)
  6. Outplacement and workforce transition (e.g., career transition assistance, career management and development)

Right Management conducted a survey of 537 senior managers and human resource professionals during the first quarter of 2012.

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Questions for You

  1. Do you think these organizations may have different responses if they’re polled again in the first quarter of 2013?
  2. Does your organization give a higher priority to “talent management,l” aka “training,” than the polled organizations? Why or why not?