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What’s More Distracting: A Loud Coworker or Office Drama?

Distracted employees can lead to a host of problems, from low productivity to costly mistakes. So what’s more distracting, a loud coworker or office drama?

According to the CareerBuilder survey, loud colleagues beat out office drama when it comes to disturbing the workplace. The most common distractions are non-job-related conversations with colleagues and Internet searches.

Here’s a look at the numbers:

  • Chats with coworkers about non-work-related stuff: 34 percent
  • Internet searches: 22 percent
  • Loud coworkers: 18 percent
  • Personal calls or e-mails: 17 percent
  • Office drama: 15 percent
  • Daydreaming: 11 percent
  • Gossip: 7 percent
  • Watching TV in the break room: 2 percent
  • Not understanding how to do the work: 4 percent