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When You Should NOT Negotiate and Other Expert Tips

Yesterday’s Advisor featured expert Douglas McCabe, PhD’s tips for successful negotiations. Today, more of his tips, plus an introduction to the new, affordable training system, TrainingToday®.

McCabe, who is professor of management at the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, offered his negotiating tips at the BLR® HR Strategic Summit, held recently in Scottsdale, Arizona.

When NOT to Negotiate

  • When you have not done your research or are ill-prepared
  • When there is a locus-of-authority issue, that is, when the other party sitting at the table does not have the power to consummate a deal
  • When the other side is obviously bargaining in bad faith or using a multitude of unethical tactics
  • When you have reached your bottom line on one or more issues and more movement downward would place you or your firm in a precarious position

Good-Faith Negotiation

Negotiating in good faith means:

  • Make offers and counteroffers.
  • No stalling,  stonewalling, or being late.
  • Make a proactive, sincere effort to reach an agreement.

Note that good faith does not require an individual negotiator to reach a settlement, agree to a specific proposal, or make a specific concession to the other side.

Bad-Faith Negotiation

Bad faith negotiation involves:

  • Surface, shadow bargaining;
  • Take it or leave it bargaining; and
  • Utilization of delaying tactics.

Ethical Negotiation Issues

Human resource professionals should always maintain a high level of ethical conduct in negotiations, says McCabe. In particular:

Do not use such unethical tactics as:

  • Bribery;
  • Pirating of confidential information;
  • Electronic surveillance or ‘bugging” of caucus rooms;
  • Defaming the other chief negotiator; or
  • Falsification, misrepresentation, and deception.

Consider the line between exaggeration versus outright lying (bluffing, puffing, and exaggerating are acceptable within limits), says McCabe, but beware. No universal code of conduct for negotiating exists.

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Cross-Cultural Negotiations

Cross-cultural negotiations are becoming more frequent. To be a successful negotiator, says McCabe, an appreciation of cultural differences is most essential.

  • Become familiar with the history, culture, and customs of the other negotiator. This is paramount. Especially:
    • The issue of time and
    • The strategic importance of informal socializing.
  • Use intercultural bargaining styles as appropriate.
  • Understand the nature of the contractual agreement.
  • Respect the other side, and make an attempt to adapt.
  • Develop personal, long-term business relationships.
  • Comprehend national sensitivities of the other negotiator.
  • Don’t use American jargon or sports jargon.
  • Understand the concept and importance of saving face.

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Over 90 workplace safety training courses cover topics such as Slips, Trips, and Falls, HazCom, and Forklift Safety.