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HR Trends–What’s Hot and What’s Not

Dear Readers,

With the constantly changing scope of social media, engagement, and analytics, it’s hard to stay on top of the latest trends in HR. How are your colleagues—and competitors—handling things out in the field?

Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey and help us (and you) find out what’s happening in the real world. (Special thanks to survey sponsor, SuccessFactors.)

We’ll get answers to these questions and more:

  • To what extent do you use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, company page, etc.) in the following activities:
    • Recruiting
    • Onboarding
    • Training
    • Routine communications with employees
    • Teambuilding
  • What’s your status with regard to getting a “seat at the table”?
  • What special retention and engagement programs are you offering?
  • What metrics do you maintain and how effective are they at describing your operations?

The survey takes only a few minutes to complete.

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To show our appreciation, we’ll send a PDF of the survey results to all participants. (Be sure to include your contact information where prompted.)

No individual organization’s information will be shared. Only results in the aggregate will be sent to participants or used by BLR for articles or in any other form of distribution.

How much of an impact are social media and metrics making in HR? Let’s find out for real. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey—and make sure you’re competitive.

Complete the Survey Now

Thank you for your valued input. And, again, a very special thanks to our survey sponsor, SuccessFactors.

Dan Oswald